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June 18

3:1:2 MAX ✅
This one was INSANE! 🥵 By far the hardest workout of this program yet. (For me anyways…)
So many doubles! I alternated between sprint and double unders for the last 15 seconds throughout, and pushed through the last 3 sets with all double unders for the last 15 seconds. This is definitely a love/hate workout for me, but I’m excited to see where this takes me after these last 4 weeks.
Let’s get that sweat in ladies and gents, and DO THE THING! 😅 🔥


Jrd max month 3 day 3 done

June 19

Challenge is coming up who’s pumped on it??!!⚡️⚡️just got done doing pull-ups (been consistently doing them 3x per week and seeing gains in strength + muscle) and driving to skip rope. Hope yall have a good day.

June 19

3:1:3 MAX ✅
This was a nice rest compared to the first two workouts! But I still pushed hard and got in a great sweat! The two minute freestyle sections are feeling easier, endurance wise. However, my feet and shins were pretty sore during the last 30 seconds. Definitely gonna get in an extra stretch today!

The power training with 1/2 and 1 lb ropes is no joke!


Jrd max month 3 day 4 ladder jump rope done

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2 / 2

Month 2, Day 1 on a Thursday is better than no Day 1 at all!
I’ve needed to take a bit more rest this week than I’m used to which likely only means that I’ve taken rest like I’m supposed to. Finding balance is still something I’m working on in my life, inside and outside of the gym.

When I’m not jumping rope, I’m working hard to advance my art career. I am used to pushing the limits of what I’m told Ican do.

Today I made 85 push ups and did some extra explosive squats and lunges… but for some reason I thought we were doing pull ups too so I was really trying to save some steam for that.

As my trip to London is next week, I may repeat week one when I get back, and just do what I can do between now and when I leave — while staying consistent.

Here’s a sweaty Me and my current work in progress. Hope it brightens your day.

Keep killing it fam ☺️

June 11
• Edited (Jun 13, 2024)

⚡️Y’all ready to get SHREDDED? Mark your calendars – The Summer Shred LIVE Challenge starts July 1st!!

All you have to do to join us is be a member in the app. Every JRD Member gets full access to the Summer Shred Challenge, coaching from Dan, and the ability to win prizes all month long.
Stay tuned for more details and comment if you plan on joining the challenge! 


Hi All…
Been a while since I stopped Jumping Rope in October 2023 due to losing my brother at 43..
I’m trying to find a way to motivate myself to get back in to it.. I’ve gone from 16st back to nearly 18st cause I’ve had the can’t be assed attitude…
How do I get my arse back in to Jumping Rope and motivation I’m finding it well hard ☹️☹️
Hope everyone is well and having a nice weekend!

June 15

G’day JRD Athletes
Day 2 back from illness and I’m loving it
#dothething 👍💪👊