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September 26

All- I think it is time to upgrade from 2 basic ropes that I currently have (regular rope and 1 lb cloth rope.)

For anyone who has the cross rope - would you recommend? What would you get and why? Is the AMP worth it?

September 27
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Finish my workout in the beautiful in reunion Island at the port
Week 10 day 3 JRD Shredded Ninja

September 26

Week 8 Day 1 of SN. 4-minute sets followed by lotsa push-ups. Tough but it’s fun to see progress! Nothing is impossible! Let’s get at it! 💪❤️🔥🫶

September 27
• Edited (Sep 27, 2023)

My husband and I got in shape and lost weight with the help of a personal trainer about 5 or 6 years ago. He moved away and I floundered for a while even though he said I knew all I needed to know. I am finding that this second time around has been much harder to do by myself. I know what to do but I no longer have someone to be accountable to or to help motivate me. My trainer said that most people can't workout consistently by themselves and I think I understand that now. He also said if you see someone over 50 yo who looks like they take care of themselves you know they have two jobs. I'm getting that too. It has taken me a long time to get consistent again. 

Maybe I am a wimp and don't push myself hard enough but it has been a bit of a struggle for me. It has taken me a while to get consistent again. There is still room for improvement but the last two  or three months have been better. Even though it takes me longer to finish a workout I am finding out that that is ok. I am becoming more consistent by myself. I am also starting to remember what being in good shape felt like. It feels nice. 🙂 

All of this to say that even though it may look like no one struggles, we do. Or at least one of us does😉. So don't get discouraged if it takes you longer than you anticipated. If you can't do what someone else can, just do what you can do (look who's talking😏). Just do something. And watch and be proud of the improvement you make. And be patient. This is a long term plan not an instant fix. Love you guys.

September 23

Enjoying this beautiful Michigan weather and trying to blaze through these shredded ninja workouts. Am doing very well with the exception of keeping up with the push ups - my push up endurance is low right now. Looking forward to more improvement

September 22

That's where I lost it with the Ninja program. But I think I'm stronger this time. I powered through even though I had to stop several more times than normal. My shins don't like the single leg jumps so I did a lot of regular bounce but... I AM GOING TO DO THIS.

September 22

Just did W7D4. Funny how at this point in the program, these workouts are always one more circuit than I think they're going to be which really pushes me. Just as it should be! Happy Friday, gang!

September 27

Really liked this one. Liked the alternating 1/4# to 1/2# back to back. Was able to get 96 to 100 push ups (on my knees). Modified the planks to one knee down. Also modified the lunges to stationary 15 secs one side 15 secs the other side as lunges kill my knees. Good job.

September 25

Hi JRD community! Just hoping someone here can steer me in the right direction. I'm new to jumping rope, and I've just started the 7-day beginner's challenge. However, I'm a little confused because Dan's advice is that if you're a beginner, like me, I should only be doing 3-5 minutes every other day. Yet the beginner's program is a full week's worth of intense exercise, which seems to contradict Dan's advice. What should I be doing?

September 27

Week 3 day 3 done 😅 ✅ Let’s do the thing everyone!