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September 27

Started the 90 day weight loss program can’t wait to see the results in December. #Dothethething #grind 💪🏾💯

September 23

Hi All,
I’ve taken a week out due to finding out my brother has terminal cancer so jump rope has not been on the agenda.
Got back in to it yesterday and that break definitely effects you, I feel like a newbie again 😆 tried running in place, and just can’t get the hang of it, anyone got any tips how to do it? I just feel like I’ve mastered regular bounce now!
I’ve also added in resistance bands to my workout, so I can focus on upper body strength too.
Hope everyone has been #DOINGTHETHING 🦾 have a good weekend!

September 20

Have a great day everyone! Shooting day 10 of 15 for the dumbbell program today!! Ngl pretty dead from yesterdays 😂but the thing must be done!!

September 25

Which is longer - 1 min squat hold or 1 min rest? My brain tells me one thing, my legs another. Week 4 started.

September 25

G’day JRD family
Week 3, day 4 done and dusted
#dothething 👍

September 23

I'm loving the Power Plyo Workouts. Challenging week - those shorter tabata style routines are harder than they look! Have a great weekend all and bring on week 4.

September 23
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Hey App Fam!

I wanted to point something out you may find useful.

Crossrope has a phone tripod...

It's perfect for use with your phone and the JRD app because, it's not just convenient, but it eliminates the hassle of trying to prop your phone up somewhere and the physically harmful need to look down while you're jumping (that's bad jump rope form).

And since the JRD app allows for the posting of images and video, you can use the tripod's Bluetooth remote to grab shots of your workouts to post for form reviews... or to show off your ability to do the Double Under Criss Cross. :)

If you're interested, go to crossrope.com/jrd ... it's in the "Accessories" section. Be sure to use the code DOTHETHING to save 15%.

September 23

G’day JRD family
Getting it done early Sunday morning 💪

September 23

Just wanted to say hi and drop a small video to everyone.

September 24
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Not for the 100%, but I did the Day 2 of Plyo again yesterday. I had a two weeks break of a 'calf strain', and I have two weeks off from work. Last week we spend our time in a holiday home. I did some cycling, walking and swimming and most of the days yoga. But no HITT this last two weeks.
I feel ok, but I feel my calf again, so I need a good break between the jumping days. I think I have to start as a beginner again with the rest times.
Next week I start a new working schedule. I start late in the morning and I found out I can start my day with a good morning routine and workout. For me that's better, because when I work and then have the workout I am to tired 😩
Fingers crossed I can make a consistent come back!