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Shelly Bynum

Van Buren, AR, United States

Mar 11 at 03:36 AM

Me too. Thank you

Mar 09 at 04:08 AM

Hi Aletta. I'm fine I just had to stop jumping for awhile. My shins just couldn't take it. Trying some other things. And taking a deeper look into the kneesovertoes guy to try to fix the problem. Thank you for asking about me🙂


Feb 29 at 03:48 AM

It doesn't show up anymore. All I can find is the 7 day one


Feb 28 at 03:24 PM

I am looking for the 60(or 30?) Day beginner challenge. I had it at one time but can't find it now. Can anyone help?

Jan 01 at 03:35 AM



Jan 01 at 03:34 AM

So glad your back!

Dec 29 at 03:23 AM

I like that!


Dec 29 at 03:22 AM

It is sometimes hard to see the change in ourselves. But that is a bigger difference than you think.mwell done Jack. Keep going you are in the groove.

Dec 29 at 03:20 AM

Doing it with family is fun🙂


Dec 29 at 03:18 AM

Good for you Rita. When it all clicks the results can be amazing ,like yours. And what a beautiful place you are jumping in! I love snow!