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Constantine Bladis

Detroit, MI, United States

Commented on Week10 day 3

Sep 27 at 07:45 PM

That’s awesome! Until today I have never really learned or known anything about Reunion Island…. After seeing your post, pic and a little reading looks like an awesome place. I hope my life takes me through there one day. Great job on the workout!


Sep 27 at 11:28 AM

Thanks all! I am gonna go with the get lean set


Sep 27 at 03:21 AM

Thanks - definitely gonna do the get lean set just can’t decide on the AMP…. Sometimes the bells and whistles are a little too much from a technology standpoint and it’s better to keep it simple


Commented on Death by push-ups

Sep 26 at 06:29 PM

Awesome! Can’t wait until I get there



Sep 26 at 06:29 PM

All- I think it is time to upgrade from 2 basic ropes that I currently have (regular rope and 1 lb cloth rope.)

For anyone who has the cross rope - would you recommend? What would you get and why? Is the AMP worth it?

Commented on Quiz question

Sep 25 at 04:53 AM

😅😅😅 I feel your pain


Commented on Do the basics

Sep 24 at 02:23 PM

Thanks Joe! Looking forward to motivation that this community brings with it

Sep 23 at 05:07 PM

Thanks - a few years ago I went through a push up phase and I could do 75 push ups in a row…. I definitely have some muscle memory but now I just feel a lot weaker… but getting there! It takes a lot of work!



Sep 23 at 10:12 AM

Enjoying this beautiful Michigan weather and trying to blaze through these shredded ninja workouts. Am doing very well with the exception of keeping up with the push ups - my push up endurance is low right now. Looking forward to more improvement

Commented on Week out! 😕

Sep 23 at 10:10 AM

Sorry to hear about your brother - best wishes and strength to him. I feel the same way even when I take a 3 day break! You will feel back to normal after a workout or two